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The Mysteries of Draugrheim

In the skies, there is a new star. It's brighter, shining above the rest. On the clearest of occasions, it's even visible during the day, stealing some of the sun's blue stage for its own glamour.
Few realize that it is not burning brighter, but coming closer.
Even fewer know of its true nature.



The gods of old were real.

Shapeshifting dragons from beyond the stars descended to earth during primordial times in order to give guidance to the peoples. Known as the Promethaen, they were a beacon of hope and knowledge to humanity.

However, just as soon as they had appeared, they vanished again, drawn back to their world for unknown reasons, disappearing into the void on giant ships of living flesh.

People learned to live without them: and, eventually, they developed technology and intricate arts. This is where history diverges: in the 1800s, disaster struck.

Monstrosities, also from a different world, attacked. Civilization toppled, and for a while, humanity was lost to behemoths.

Just as humans seemed about to fall, several amazing occurrences struck.

First of all came the discovery of the Snow Drakes. Gifts from the gods of old, the religion was rekindled and the ancient arts of drakeriding recovered. Second of all came several technological advancements based on steam technology, enabling airships and zeppelins. The people split into clans made up of families, however, and took to the air to avoid the majority of the giant beasts plaguing the earth.

After these two advancements, a daring group of viking warriors combined the two, creating the Drakonrhedi: an elite force of drake riders, hand-picked from the batch of 16-year-olds each year. The sole purpose of the Drakonrhedi is to train to defeat humanity's enemies, and bring the battle to the behemoths, choosing to forego clan loyalties in favor of the organization itself.

But the behemoths are just a smaller pawn in a larger, interstellar game, one that the Promethaen find themselves increasingly involved in. As humanity fights back against its giant oppressors, the gods found their attention drawn back to the tiny planet, and soon Earth may find itself in the middle of a giant war between two of the most powerful races in the universe.

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